Bank IT systems can fail but why add to customer distress with poor telephone service?

A distressed customer of a major British bank was heard this morning on the BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme saying that his attempt yesterday to pay by debit card for goods in a shop was declined embarrassingly, and then his attempt to withdraw cash from an ATM was also declined.

Worried about the security of his account, he called the contact centre of the card provider. He had to wait in a telephone queue for a whole hour, no doubt becoming worried about what further delay might mean if his account was being raided. When he finally got through to the contact centre agent he was told that the bank was having ‘card processing problems’.

There is no need to add customer distress to an already serious service failure. Banks and other retailers should have pre-recorded outgoing telephone messaging that covers every foreseeable system failure. The contact centre manager can simply play the appropriate message to avoid endless telephone queues and added customer distress.

In cases like this, knowing that it was a bank system failure and not a breach of personal account security would save anxiety, reducing the need to phone the customer service centre. In turn this would reduce queues for customers who do have security issues.

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