Premier, the Point of Contact Specialist, is the UK's leading sensory marketing agency.

Premier Acquires IoH Branding Ltd and IoH Group (UK) Ltd

Premier Business Audio is excited to announce the acquisition from IoH Branding Ltd and IoH Group (UK) Ltd of it’s on-hold marketing business, enabling IoH Branding Ltd to focus its efforts on other products and services under a new brand … Continue reading

Capstick & Dale Case Study

Capstick Dale and Partners came to us in hope that they could find a way of increasing their client spend, without pressuring their clients through a “hard sell” approach. After speaking with Capstick Dale & Partners, Premier identified where possible growth … Continue reading

Premier CX – Launched

Legendary Customer Experience is something that we have championed since 1996, holding it as key differentiator from our competitors. We are now delighted to announce the launch of our fantastic new brand identity – Premier CX. The new Premier CX … Continue reading