Does your business sound as good as it looks?

Marketing campaigns often focus primarily on the sense of vision, even when they have associated sound like in television commercials or retail environments. Whilst visual marketing gives your company a face for your business and brand definition, the lack of an audio dimension can deprive your company of its full marketing success. Sound is possibly the most powerful medium we could use in the marketing mix, significantly because sound and audio sticks.

Audio marketing, in particular On-Hold, In-Queue and In-Store productions stand out as an important marketing medium because visual marketing is everywhere. Audio / Sound marketing gives organisations the opportunity to differentiate their marketing from their competitors. Audio can also lead to an emotional connection as people tend to recall events or past memories when they hear a particular sound or piece of music.

Research shows that businesses spend 94% of their marketing/advertising budget on trying to get new business, with only 6% dedicated to handling these calls. With this in mind, is it any wonder businesses fail to convert new leads?

Did you know the average person has the ability to memorize more than 2,000 songs, none of which they ever intended to learn. Sound has the ability to tap into our subconscious, in turn making Audio Marketing an important element of your companies approach to consumers.

Audio can help you to achieve the following objectives:

Brand Reinforcer – Audio is used as part of the same tool box as corporate logos, trademarks and strap lines.

Behaviour Influencer – This is where sound is used to influence the audience’s or consumer’s behaviour.

Information Distributor – Use audio to educate/inform your audience or consumers.

Your On-Hold or In-Queue productions should also achieve the following goals – reduce caller abandonment rates (hang-ups), improving the overall caller experience and increase sales/customer base.

Matching the audio for your business:

Creating a message with which your product, services and sound can identify is a good start. You should also start to think of the tone of your company and the mood in which it appeals to.

Listen to a few examples of our voice and music samples and see if we can help match your production with your brand. We also have a large library of music and a wide variety of professional voice artists to choose from.

Know your audience – It is extremely useful to know how your audience can be made to react, thus evoking a positive response.

Selecting the right voice artist will serve as the voice of your company and your brand. This voice will not only inform/educate your callers but you also need to make them feel comfortable and entertained whilst they are waiting On-Hold.

Use a memorable Audio Style Guide – The longer you use a style guide (i.e the same sounds/voices etc) the more recognizable your brand, therefore the more trustworthy your brand becomes. Every sound asset used for your On-Hold, In-Queue Message or In-Store Production should be easily identifiable as the ‘voice’ of your company.

Audio / Sound Marketing is not about forcing your business on your callers – but about giving your business a professional image, creating brand awareness as well as telling your customers what you do and how good you are.

Audio Marketing will help you create a great first impression. Your business may look great, but how does it sound?

Call us on 0845 074 4068 and book an Audio Audit of your current marketing activity to establish how audio can be used to build your brand and maximise customer contact.

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