Engineering and Manufacturing

Engineering and Manufacturing

Do you have a large range of products and services that is difficult to communicate quickly and easily on your website? Do you have premises where the first impression counts? Premier’s range of marketing solutions can help your business get ahead. Browse our range of services below to see how we can help you create the right first impression and maximise your business potential.

  • Video Marketing

    • Bring your products to life with short demonstration
    • Give printed materials a new dimension by linking videos with QR Codes
    • Reduce website bounce rates with a WebPresenter
    • Reduce support calls and costs by creating ‘How to’  videos
    • Make instructions better with QR codes linking to videos
    • Choice of video styles available to suit all budgets and objectives
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    This is one of our customers FilmVideo videos. Please have a look at the other video styles we offer

  • Call Caddy

    • Use customers’ time on hold to provide information about new products or special offers with On-hold Messages
    • Clear redundant stock with on-hold messaging promotions
    • Record all calls and store them locally or remotely
    • Promote new capabilities or products to your existing customers while they are on hold or being transferred
    • Provide information such as opening hours, accredited engineers or emergency contacts
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    “My thanks for all the help, support and a wonderful approach in assisting us as we set up a new project. Nothing seems too much trouble.” Cornwall Glass

  • Overhead Audio

    • Remove awkward silences in show rooms using In-Store Audio
    • Create the perfect ambience for your products
    • Avoid paying PRS licence fees by using our licence free music
    • Increase productivity and enhance the working environment with music chosen to match your staff profile
    • Make the right first impression to visitors
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  • Fragrance Marketing

    • Enhance the perception of quality by including fragrance with your product using appropriate aromas
    • Create the impression of a positive experience
    • Remove unwanted smells from showrooms and rest rooms
    • Increase perceptions of quality and professionalism
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