Food and Drink

Food and Drink

Ringing phones mean profits, but during busy periods calls can be lost and staff have less time to up-sell, so Premier Business Audio has developed services for the fast food industry to handle calls, up-sell special offers, and introduce new lines. Contact Premier’s creative team now to find out how they can maximise your on-hold audio marketing.

  • Call Caddy

    • A virtual receptionist, answering all your incoming calls
    • Never leave callers listening to a ringing phone
    • Record all calls and store them locally or remotely
    • Overcomes the dilemma of serving a customer or answering a call
    • Entertains and informs callers while they wait
    • Mixing professionally voiced messages with music suited to your business
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    Examples of greetings, the messages played on-hold and the kind of message callers will hear when you’re closed.

  • In-House Audio

    • Remove awkward silences in waiting rooms using In-Store Audio
    • Create the perfect ambience for your business
    • Play rights-free music to suit your customers, with no need for a PRS licence
    • Deliver messages detailing special offers or information about your services
    • Make the right first impression
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    Always very polite, patient and extremely helpful. A very professional company.”

    Town View Food Ltd

  • On-Hold Messages

    • Use customers’ time on hold to provide information about promotions or special offers with On-hold Messages
    • Encourage customers to consider additional services
    • Provide information such as opening hours or emergency contacts
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    “We doubled sales of Tuna Tartare over the first two weeks.”

    Feng Sushi

  • Video Marketing

    • Ensure your key points are heard
    • Use to spotlight promotions and upsell services
    • Explain your range of services in a short space of time
    • Reduce Bounce Rates
    • Increase time spent on site by up to 76%
    • Add a another dimension to your website
    • Choice of video styles available to suit all budgets
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    This is a simple ‘Film Video’.  Have a look at the other video styles we offer.

  • Fragrance Marketing

    • Reduce the perception of waiting times with pleasant aromas
    • Create the impression of a positive experience
    • Remove unwanted smells from waiting rooms and showrooms
    • Increase perceptions of quality and professionalism
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    Learn how one retailer used a chocolate fragrance to increase footfall