Hair and Beauty

Marketing for Hair and Beauty

The hair and beauty industry is very focussed on first impressions with an emphasis on ambiance and brand. For over 15 years Premier have provided point of contact services such as audio, video and fragrancing. These specific services enable beauty and hair salons to connect with customers in a method that is tailored to their company or brand. Premier’s award-winning creative team are ready to help you now. Call 0345 071 1359 or complete the form beneath for more information.

  • Call Caddy

    • Use customers’ time on hold to provide information about promotions and special offers with On-hold Messages
    • Encourage customers to buy higher margin services or products like extensions or own brand products
    • Record all calls and store them locally or remotely
    • Provide useful information such as opening hours or website address
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  • Video Marketing

    • Make your website come alive with your own video
    • Show your staff and stylists in action with a Film Video
    • Ensure your key marketing messages are heard
    • Upsell high-margin services like colouring or highlights, or promote the sales of hair care products
    • Increase the time visitors spend on your website
    • Choice of video styles available to suit all budgets
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    This is a simple ‘PhotoVideo’, have a look at our other video styles to see what style suits you!

  • In-Salon Music

    • Remove awkward silences in waiting areas using In-Store Audio
    • Create the perfect ambience for your salon
    • Teenage or mature; male, female or Unisex…we select music that fits your customer profile
    • Avoid paying PRS licence fees by using our licence-free music library
    • Deliver messages about special offers or promotions
    • Make the right first impression
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    “Excellent team, excellent service, good product.”

    Toni & Guy Shrewsbury

  • Fragrance Marketing

    • Enhance your customer’s first impressions with a fragrance that suits your salon
    • Reduce the perception of waiting times with pleasant aromas
    • Remove unwanted salon smells from waiting or treatment areas
    • Diffuse the fragrance of your own-brand products to increase sales
    • Increase perceptions of quality and relaxation
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    Click the image to smell….