Property Services

Property Services

Premier has provided audio and video marketing solutions to property services for over 15 years. Helping businesses make the right first impression, Premier has developed a range of point of contact services that can be easily implemented and tailored to your business by our award winning creative teams. Please complete the form below for more information or call us now on 0345 071 1359.

  • In-House Audio

    • Remove awkward silences in waiting rooms using In-Store Audio
    • Create the perfect ambience for your business
    • Play rights-free music to suit your customers, with no need for a PRS licence
    • Deliver messages detailing special offers or information about your services
    • Make the right first impression
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    “Very easy to use service, and very responsive”

    Rockingham Forest Housing Association

  • Call Caddy

    • A virtual receptionist, answering all your incoming calls
    • Never leave callers listening to a ringing phone
    • Overcomes the dilemma of serving a client or answering a call
    • Record all calls and store them locally or remotely
    • Entertains and informs callers while they wait
    • Mixing professionally voiced messages with music suited to your business
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    Samples of Call Handler Messages

  • On-Hold Messages

    • Use customers’ time on hold to provide information about promotions or special offers with On-hold Messages
    • Encourage customers to consider additional services
    • Provide information such as opening hours or emergency contacts
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  • Video Marketing

    • Ensure your key points are heard
    • Use to spotlight promotions and upsell services
    • Explain your range of services in a short space of time
    • Reduce Bounce Rates
    • Increase time spent on site by up to 76%
    • Add a another dimension to your website
    • Choice of video styles available to suit all budgets
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  • Fragrance Marketing

    • Reduce the perception of waiting times with pleasant aromas
    • Create the impression of a positive experience
    • Remove unwanted smells from waiting rooms and showrooms
    • Increase perceptions of quality and professionalism
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