Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

What if you could inspire a holiday destination or activity idea that will have your customers’ jetting off to places they never knew they wanted to visit? Premier have more than 15 years experience in providing services to to the travel and tourism sector, helping you to give a professional and engaging first impression to your clients, and inspiring them to see places they only dreamed of.

If you are researching on behalf of a large organisation or call centre, please contact our  call centre team.

  • Call Centre Audio

    The services illustrated below are particularly suited to small and medium sized organisations.

    If you are a large organisation or require specialist Call Centre services, please click through to find out more about our specialist services.

  • Call Caddy

    • Use customers’ time on hold to provide information about last minute deals or special offers with On-hold Messages
    • Record calls and store them locally or remotely
    • Encourage customers to buy high margin add-ons like legal or travel insurance or upgrades
    • Let customers know about new destinations or services
    • Provide information such as opening hours or emergency contacts
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  • Video Marketing

    • Make your holiday destinations come alive with short website videos
    • Bring printed literature to life by linking videos with QR Codes
    • Reduce bounce rates with a WebPresenter Video
    • Increase time spent on website and conversion rate
    • Show rolling videos of special offers in your shop front when you are closed
    • Choice of video styles available to suit all budgets
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    This is a simple ‘Photo Video’.  Have a look at the other video styles we offer.

  • In-Store Music and Messaging

    • Bring your agency to life with In-Store Audio
    • Invoke fond holiday memories  by playing the sounds and music of popular holiday destinations
    • Inspire customers to consider new destinations with regional music choices
    • Avoid paying PRS licence fees by using our licence free music
    • Deliver messages detailing special offers or last minute deals
    • Make the right first impression
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    “Always friendly and very helpful and extremely quick to provide last minute things.”

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  • Fragrance for Marketing

    • Bring back fond memories by using a the powerful sense of smell
    • Relax guests by using calming essential oil fragrances
    • Add a fragrance dimension to your customer’s experience
    • Increase perceptions of quality and professionalism
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