staff motivational messages

Motivational Staff Messages

As well as supplying great licence free in-store music, Premier Business Audio script and record bespoke overhead messages that can be played at specific dates and times. There are a multiplicity of practical uses for these messages in your business, each of them valuable and creative.

Providing great in-store overhead messages for your customers is one element, but why not consider training or motivational messages for your staff before open or after close. Give your staff and employee’s inspiration and clear targets to reach that can be customised from day-to-day. Target and track specific stores and watch as productivity and morale rises with our fully managed recording and scheduling service.

As an advocate of ‘omni-channel’, Premier are very keen to ensure that all messages are on-brand, using the same voice artist, tone, and language that your customers and prospects expect to hear from any touch point in your business. Business owners could even record their own messages to play in their stores!

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