PRS and PPL Free for Retail

So we all know that FreedomMusic is a PRS and PPL licence free in-store music and messaging service, but what does that actually mean for retailers?

For multi-sited store retailers it definitely means making a saving on paying licence fees to play music, but it also means avoiding advertising for your competitors. One of the biggest bugbears and weaknesses for high street brands playing the radio are the advert breaks. Why would you pay to give your competitors that free air time in your own stores!?

FreedomMusic gives you full control over all your sites from a remote location, like your head office for example. It means that staff members aren’t playing tracks that could damage your brand, like inappropriate, uncensored rap at 10.00am on a busy Saturday morning. Use FreedomMusic to schedule specific playlists for specific dates and times to suit your individual store demographic. (It’s pretty cool like that!)

“The music must be pants though!” – I hear you say. Well…actually it’s surprisingly good, which is why we’re more than happy for you to trial it. Most of the artists on FreedomMusic are up and coming young UK talent. Where we’ve purchased the music at source, it means that they get their cut and you can get that nice warm feeling inside!

There is little doubt that the real value of FreedomMusic is unleashed in the on-brand messaging service. We are already working with some top UK brands to provide them with messaging that is boosting specific promoted lines and their overall like-for-like sales.

Feel free to see how good FreedomMusic actually is at You could download the free trial or listen to some music online… or maybe even actually part with your money!