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Professional Contact Centre Audio Solutions

Premier Contact Centre Audio supplies audio branding and recording services to over 350 major contact centres across every sector of the economy. Using professional voice artists speaking over 40 languages in our recording studio, we create bespoke marketing messages and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) prompts for our customers in the UK and globally.

We focus on improving the customers’ calling experience, which is crucially important wherever numerous contacts occur through the lifetime of the customer.  We also enable you to maximise the functionality of your telephone system and so make real savings in call centre running costs.

Premier’s Contact Centre Audio team have particular expertise in the needs of larger organisations with sophisticated call centre systems or cloud-based virtual call centre solutions, especially those with CTI or natural language speech recognition or complex IVR menus.

Why Choose Premier

Industry-Leading Standards

PBA works to high quality standards fulfilling ISO 9000; the only company in our marketplace to hold this accreditation.

Fast Recording Service

Premier’s state-of-the-art studio can turn around new recordings in times as fast as 15 minutes

Voice Availability Guarantee

If required, we provide a Voice Guarantee, matching a voice to ensure fast delivery of messages in the event of your chosen voice being unavailable. All messages are then re-recorded free of charge when your chosen voice becomes available again.

Please call us on 0345 071 1359 or email for more information.


  • Telephony Audio Audit

    Undergoing and analysing your customer experience to compare with best practice

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  • Consultancy

    Audio Branding consultancy, Benchmarking study and Agent Speech Impact assessments

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  • Professional IVR Prompt Recordings

    Voice, tone and script to make callers feel instantly engaged

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  • In-Queue Music and Messaging

    Get the most out of every inbound call

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Meet Some of Our Customers


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Premier professional IVR messages are listened to over 500 million times a year

Nick Findlay, Founder