In-Queue Music and Messaging

In-Queue Music and Messaging

 Make Every Second Count

In-queue audio messaging is an effective way to get the most out of every inbound telephone call.

Time spent in-queue or on-hold can be used to achieve the following:

  • Maintain engagement and reduce abandoned calls
  • Reinforce brand values and the excitement of buying
  • Provide important information
  • Ask callers to have the information they will need to hand
  • Cross-sell or up-sell your products


  • Improve customer experience by engaging and entertaining callers so they are happy to wait and by reducing in-queue times
  • Reduce transaction times by preparing callers prior to being connected to an agent –  eg: “Please have your account number / credit card details ready”
  • Help callers to help you – Invite callers to call during less busy periods – Encourage callers to use e-mail or web chat
  • Reduce call centre staff stress and turnover – Set caller expectations – reduce complaints about poor in-queue experience – Reduce dull & repetitive tasks – Answer FAQs while In-Queue



Premier’s Creative Services team are experts at developing bespoke in-queue marketing solutions to suit your business and your customer profile. We work with professional voice artists with over 40 languages and have our own in-house, fully digital recording studio to create your in-queue marketing messages.

Why Choose Premier

Industry-Leading Standards

PBA works to high quality standards fulfilling ISO 9000; the only company in our marketplace to hold this accreditation.

Fast Recording Service

Premier’s state-of-the-art studio can turn around new recordings in times as fast as 15 minutes

Voice Availability Guarantee

If required, we provide a Voice Guarantee, matching a voice to ensure fast delivery of messages in the event of your chosen voice being unavailable. All messages are then re-recorded free of charge when your chosen voice becomes available again.