Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital Signage lets your business communicate through the use of video, text and images.

Using a flat panel display, applications can be as diverse as retail spaces, business receptions, trade counters, hotel lobbies, school reception areas and doctors/ dentist waiting rooms.

  • Simple, flexible installation with minimal setup
  • Custom messages tailored to your business by our creative team
  • Use existing content
  • No immediate capital outlay

How does it work?

Our solution keeps cost to a minimum, but flexibility to the maximum, by connecting your screen(s) to the internet through a powerful micro PC that uses your WiFi network to retrieve content from our powerful cloudbased Creative Management System. So in a nutshell, you plug our smart box into your screen’s HDMI and USB ports, set-up the WiFi using a simple control panel and we do the rest!

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