Fragrance Delivery Systems

Premier Scent Marketing Solutions

The right diffuser depends on the amount of space you want to cover:

10 metres square, average height room

PF100 (output 0.25ml/hour) – The Cube is a mobile scent marketing unit that offers great performance in small spaces. Uses the same selection of fragrance as it’s bigger brothers, but with the advantage of being moved to where you need it.

Retail outlets, open-plan offices, reception rooms

PF510 (output 0.8ml/hour) – Using patented diffusion technology to circulate fragrance as nano-droplets, delivering effective ambient aroma for large busy areas. The unit is fitted to the wall and uses a 250ml cartridge of any scent from our current selection.

Ducted Air Conditioning

PF1000 (output 3ml/hour) –  Designed to filter in through the existing ducted HVAC and evenly spread throughout the air. Fragrance is regularly supplied in one litre cartridges and can be changed to suit seasons or special promotions.

Purchase Options

Smaller operations may find a one-off purchase of equipment a suitable option. Replacement fragrance cartridges can be bought when required.

For more sophisticated fragrancing needs, Premier provide a full service contract covering maintenance of the equipment, re-supply of cartridges and the support of our customer service team in selecting and advising on the optimum use of ambient fragrance.