Scent Marketing Questions

Scent Marketing Questions

Things you should know about using fragrance

How does fragrance get dispersed?

There are a number of different delivery methods, ranging from solvent-based solids, heated molecules and nebuliser technology.

Unlike domestic systems or air freshener units, ambient aromas are never squirted, but generally released as an invisible vapour.

Will it work in all situations?

Unlike light and sound which travel through the air, fragrance travels on the air. Therefore, places with a high turnover of air-flow will require a more heavy-duty dispersal system to prevent the effect being blown away and lost.


Can fragrance be unique to my brand?

Expert perfumers are available to blend a fragrance for the sole use of your brand. This is not part of the standard Premier service, but we would be pleased to talk through the options with you.

Are the fragrances hypo-allergenic?

All the fragrances offered have been blended from ingredients that are known not to be harmful. However, different people have different sensitivities to aroma, and everyone’s perception is different.¬†A properly sited unit delivering the correct volume of fragrance will not generally cause any issues.