Where to use Video

Where to use Video

Here’s just a few applications of how video could help you…

Introductory Website Videos

Website visitors prefer to listen to a 1 minute video than read text on a website…and a video communicates so much more of the character of your organisation.

Training Videos

Show and describe to customers how to do things, whether it be software, product or staff training – and they will remember!

Product Demonstrations

Internet Retailer reports that shoppers who viewed video were found to be 144 per cent more likely to add to cart than other shoppers [Internet Retailer, March 2011] so don’t think your video has to be on your home page.

Make Kiosks and Exhibition stands…stand out!

Have a rolling video in showing on your exhibition stand to make sure your perfect pitch is delivered every time, and people don’t pass by while you are talking to someone else.

Web Presenters on your website

Web Presenters are an innovative an impactful way to make your site stand out that reduce bounce rates and increase visitor engagement

Video for Social Media Sites

Bring your social media pages to life by adding engaging videos.

Bring Printed Media to Life

Add a QR Code to printed marketing materials, posters, door drops, flyers and sales collateral to bring your products and services to life!

Answer FAQs with Video

Most product questions can be answered more cost effectively by e-mailing a link to a quick video than by having a call centre talk through the resolution and waiting while the caller follows their instructions.


Make presentations more engaging by breaking them up with short videos…to keep your audience engaged, and giving you time to collect your thoughts and take a sip of water!

Video Blog / Video e-mail

Increase response rates to e-mail campaigns or make your blogs more entertaining by including links to video footage.