Video Marketing Case Study

Hostile Environment Training Ltd are a Basingstoke based outfit that are a unique training and instruction specialist, preparing individuals for the risks and challenges that are inherent with operating in unfamiliar and often hostile environments.
In order to illustrate the companies’ comprehensive training schemes, the creative team were asked to create a video that demonstrated this through clear audio and visuals. Whilst encompassing the Hostile Environment Ltd brand values, the creative team combined their library of licence free music and professional voice artists to create the finished video product.

Upon completion of the project, the Operations Director of Hostile Environments Ltd was keen to comment: “The final video product is nothing short of excellent. The creative process was outstanding, combining knowledge and dedication in achieving the outcome. The creative team are a genuine pleasure to work with as a provider of quality video solutions. We’re really looking forward to the increase in business that this video will bring.”

Please go to to see the final video product in action.

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