Web Presenter Service Boosts Online Enquiries

January 2011

Premier, the leading point of contact specialist, introduces an innovative service to increase online sales enquiries.

Premier Web Presenters, recently launched  by Premier is not only at the forefront  of web design, but also offers a very effective online promotional tool for any organization. Premier Web Presenters also provide a personalised professional service to give websites a competitive edge.

Filling your website with text and pictures is no longer enough to grab your visitors’ attention.  Most website visitors need to know within a few seconds if the content meets their needs – or they will click away.

Because of this problem, Premier has launched Premier Web Presenters to provide a personal touch to your website.  They also offer visitors a voice for your content and a face for your company.

In turn, this helps to create a bond between you and your prospective customers as it will retain your online visitors by ensuring they are well informed and don’t leave your site without hearing your key messages.   As a result, research shows you will get increased sales enquiries by as much as 50%.

Companies have different objectives for their websites. Trust  building, providing on-line help, promoting a new product or service and directing actions are just some of the areas in which a Premier Web Presenter can be of benefit.    Anthony Buxton, Managing Director for Premier says “Premier Web Presenters are a  great cost effective tool to help you engage with your online customers, cross selling new products and help guide customers through your website. You only have 8 seconds to grab your visitor’s attention and this type  of online video presenter grabs their attention for longer and delivers positive results”

Premier Web Presenter services are more than just a video on your website; it includes advice and script writing by a member of Premier’s award winning team, plus creative guidance and regular updates to your video content.

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