Why It’s Good To Keep Video Fresh

Two words: customer experience. Notoriously fickle creatures, customers are delighted to find a new video but switch off in apathy if it’s something they’ve seen before.

Video is the fastest growing media in the world. Social Media Examiner reports that 76 per cent of marketers plan to add video to their sites in 2012, making it a higher priority than Facebook, Twitter, and blog integration. And no wonder, because consumers are willing to watch videos 60 per cent of the time they are found, according to Website Magazine.

A video brings a business or a product to life, delivering confidence, explaining concepts and communicating values far more effectively than text alone. So we see a fast-moving industry creating video for every use: corporate introductions, instruction manuals, training videos, product descriptions, FAQs, social media, live presentations.  But we could equally find that we are wading through a litter of video in an equally short-space of time, as the messages are discarded by viewers who have seen it all before.

There is also the question of technology, both production technology and delivery. It’s important to keep the look and delivery of your video up-to-date. It’s also been found by Marketing Week that video results appear in about 70 per cent of the top 100 listings, the type of content most often displayed in search results. So if you want to be found, you’ve got to stay fresh.

But most importantly, because people trust video – almost irrationally – you cannot afford to have your video out of sync with the rest of your business. If your video shows a blue entrance door, and you’ve just had it painted red, that disconnection is enough to trigger distrust in the minds of consumers, putting you on the back foot before you’ve even opened conversation.

The pitfalls of dated video have been addressed by Premier’s Video Marketing Service. The service includes ongoing tweaks to your video; if you need to show a different image, or change the voice-over, for example. And with a complete refresh of your video once a year, you can be sure you keep that customer experience fresh too.

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